PRAXIS (v) is the act of transformation

powered by data + humans + machines

Going Online: Teaching in the
Virtual Classroom
is LIVE!


Praxis AI partnered with Toolwire to build a 15-hour program in order to help our friends in L&D and Higher Ed reinvent their classrooms into hybrid, interactive, accelerated learning experiences. We need this capability now more than ever … and it begins with faculty and L&D professionals.


  • Contextual (i.e. Tribal Ag Climate Data or Patient Genetic Sequence)
  • Exa-scale
  • Patient-centered
  • Educational content
  • [Hi] Human Intelligence (i.e. existing or learned skills)
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Patients
  • Faculty
  • [Ai] Artificial Intelligence
  • Data-intensive Computing
  • Cloud Computing: Democratized and Commercial
  • LXP


Humans use (or acquire) machine-centric skills to discover solutions in data

Complex Problem (Data) → Praxis Engine → Solution (Patient-centered)

Praxis Engine powers solutions in:

Health Sciences – mapping patient data for cancer survival
Climate Science – agricultural resilience
Education – schools must transform to survive
Technology – 21st century digital schools for workforce survival
Industry – deep learning to renovate banking, transportation, etc


An Online Experiential Journey for L&D Professionals & Higher Education Faculty to apply the principles of teaching online to design, build, and manage their own online courses.

Health Science

Leverages AI-powered curation, expert mentoring, and live data-intensive compute environments to teach students how to use bioinformatics workflows to solve today’s toughest genomics problems.

Coronavirus SuperLab

Fusion of Biology and Data Science. Download the Coronavirus DNA and translate it into protein structures using Python in a data-intensive computing lab.


A Comprehensive Online program to empower the digital generation with essential 21st Century skills in Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Agile.

Unified Learning Experience Platform

The Praxis Platform (called “TILE”) leverages the strengths of experiential, informal, and formal learning methodologies

Experiential: Virtual labs, simulations, and video practice engage learners and validate their skills at scale

Informal: AI-powered, interactive tools increase learner engagement and empower employees to take control of their own learning journey

Formal: Scaffolded programs align learning with business goals and provide insights into individual and enterprise-wide skills

Quality Ecosystem of Experts & Partners

Praxis In The News


Local Channel 2 News broadcast praising Praxis for teaching high school students about coding and the Coronavirus with an online Computational Biology program.

About Us

Praxis AI is a transformative 21st Century portal dedicated to leveraging AI and Data Science to: 1) Cure Cancer … with Computational Biology programs and access to data-intensive computing clouds, including a  Coronavirus SuperLab; 2) Empower the Digital Generation … with 21st contemporary digital learning journeys, collaborative LiveLabs, and faculty training in the Virtual Classroom; and 3) Transform Research … with Democratized Skills and Data Intensive Computing for Domain Research in biotechnology, energy, GIS, finance, and social sciences.