The Praxis Institute offers foundational and expert Learning Paths, Certification, and Consulting to apply the power of AI and Exa-scale datasets to solving domain-specific challenges in bio-technology, energy, GIS, finance, and psychology. 


Praxis Academies are domain-specific,
AI-powered micro-learning platforms that deliver on-the-job personalized skills, experiential computing labs, and enterprise analytics to students,  scientists, and professionals.  


The Praxis Cloud is an on-demand data-intensive computing environment for practice and assessment of critical 21st Century AI and data skills. The Praxis Cloud provides agnostic and domain-specific lab scenarios. 

Praxis Institute

Applying the Power of AI and Exa-scale Datasets
to Domain Science:

  • Bio-technology: curing cancer
  • Energy: renewable energy
  • GIS: climate change
  • Financial: wealth distribution
  • Psychological: mental wellness

Praxis Academies

Foundational and Expert Skills Delivered to Busy Domain-specific
          Learners while they are On-the-Job:

AI-Powered Micro-learning Platforms
Personalized, mobile-enabled skills and assessment
Web available 24x7x365
Hands-on experiential learning labs

Praxis Cloud

Hands-on practice and assessment with data-intensive computing environments. The Praxis Cloud applies giga-scale and exa-scale datasets using a new scientific method called “Children of the Spheres”. The bottleneck to analyzing powerful large datasets is not so much technology but rather providing inexpensive access to and basic training on distributed compute systems for citizens and professionals to discover solutions to 21st century challenges. 

Global Compute Fabric

As we head towards the second quarter of the 21st century,  there is an unprecedented emission of exabytes of machine readable data from the activities of 7.7+ billion humans. The Praxis Cloud is the Machine shop to learn these data-intensive computing skills.



A Nice Place to Learn Data Intensive Computing

Familiar Desktop Front End but Geared for Data Intensive Computation

Translatability: The Sandbox Looks Like the Real World

Elasticity into Commercial Clouds


Command Line and Jupyter Notebook Interfaces

Programmatic Access to Large Datasets

Python and Bash Focused

Workflow Managers

Domain Specific TOOLKITS

Data Formats and Ontologies 

Popular Domain Specific Applications and Workflows

Realistic Laboratory Environment

Praxis AI Consulting and Advisory

Are You Looking to Dive Into AI?

Our Experts

Praxis AI is powered by a collaboration of world class scientists, domain-specific experts,
and digital platform pioneers.

Alex Feltus, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor (Genomics)

David James Clarke IV

Digital Platform

Ken Matusow

Scientific Advisor (Quantum Mechanics)

Yngvar Tronstad

Scientific Advisor (Machine Learning)