Follow a fictional user (Hugo) through his workforce transformation journey from a 20-year network engineer veteran into a contemporary Cloud Architect. As part of his self-paced online program, Hugo will navigate the TILE learning experience platform, collaborate with a Mentor to enhance his digital skills, and learn how to better communicate with his boss using video practice and assessment:

1.  Personal and Social Learning

2.  Learning On-the-Go and AI Curation

3.  Collaboration in the Lab

4.  Improving Interpersonal Skills



Mobile responsive experience delivers an intuitive, simple, and efficient UX / UI


All features support iOS and Android devices, creating greater learner engagement


Intuitive user interface allows learners to access content 24×7 anytime, anywhere



AI-powered engine crowdsources content curation. Machines + Humans = better content


AI algorithms and machine learning ensure the most relevant content is always available


TILE automates the curation and delivery of fresh, personalized content to learners every day



Collaborative Labs and Virtual Classroom sessions empower community among learners


Learners can schedule live online discussions to collaborate with mentors or peers


TILE integrates with discussion and instant messaging tools to allow for social collaboration

Video Coaching


Video coaching and assessment provides real-time soft skills feedback from peers or coaches


Webcam recordings and peer connections empower social learning and feedback


Soft skills are increasingly more valuable and traditionally hard to practice and assess



Business intelligence and analytics provide insight into the efficacy of learning programs


Performance functionality provides insights into engagement and mastery on an individual level


Dashboards highlight trends across groups, departments or the enterprise



Hands-on workplace scenarios – Virtual Labs and Simulations – reinforce new skills


Toolwire’s Virtual Labs provide experience with live access to hundreds of technologies


Toolwire Simulations immerse learners in authentic, scored workplace situations



Adaptive learning saves time and motivates learners by focusing on their skills gaps


Personalized learning pathways are created from previous experience plus pre-assessments


Post assessments and recharging used to measure learning and drive retention



Gamification motivates employees to reskill and upskill on their own time


Custom scoring algorithms track performance and nudge learners through the TILE experience


Real-time leaderboards foster competition and open badges reward achievements



Knowledge and Skills Assessment drive the learner experience and track skills progress


Knowledge: multiple choice, matching, drag-and-drop, short answer, ranking, and others


Skills: Code Validator provides automated, real-time assessment in a live, hands-on environment



Authoring empowers instructional designers to assemble courses in under 15 minutes


Supports a broad range of content: video, assessments, simulations, PDFs, and labs


Easy drag and drop interface includes SSO integration with LMS’s and content stores

Unified Learning Experience Layer


TILE leverages the strengths of experiential, informal, and formal learning methodologies


Experiential: Virtual labs, simulations, and video practice engage learners and validate their skills at scale


Informal: AI-powered, interactive tools increase learner engagement and empower employees to take control of their own learning journey


Formal: Scaffolded programs align learning with business goals and provide insights into individual and enterprise-wide skills