Gold Medal Winner at the 2022 Stevie Awards

It’s an honor to be recognized by the Stevie Awards as a Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner in The 20th annual American Business Awards ® for Startup of the Year, BioHackathon, and Education Hero of the Year (Alex Feltus). The American Business Awards is the premier accolade for excellence in U.S. business, honoring organizations of all sizes and industries. Praxis AI would like to thank all our employees, customers, and partners for making this possible. We couldn’t have done it without you!

2022 Cancer Transcriptomics BioHackathon is contributing data to Meharry Medical College and Praxis AI’s (free) hackathon on April 1st, 2022.  It includes free prehackathon training. In essence, this hackathon is an extreme experiment in Personalized medicine.

Problem statement – What’s wrong with Bill Paseman’s kidney and how can he fix it?
Resources available – Bill’s DNA, RNA, co-morbidities, dental records(TBD) and familial genetic associations. Praxis Platform Data sources (Gtex etc. available on the Praxis Biomedical Datasets learning path)

Everything you need to utilize these resources is in the platform ( including the training to become familiar with the tools and datasets available.

BioHacker Badges from Praxis AI

Alex Feltus earned his BioHacker: Bioinformatics badge for completing the Praxis AI experiential journey. BioHackers are a community of digital pioneers who leverage data + skills + AI + cloud computing to solve big biotech challenges. Professor Feltus is using his skills to discover new break-throughs in cancer transcriptomics and plant genomics.

Avaya Engage Experience Builders Panel


The Praxis AI co-founder, Alex Feltus, was featured on a keynote panel at this year’s Avaya ENGAGE conference in Orlando, Florida. He inspired over 2,000+ attendees with his mission for democratized access to digital skills and his success stories with Spaces Learning from Toolwire and Avaya. Together, the panel explored the reinvention of higher education, use of AI in learning, and predictions for the next five years.

As a result of this work, Professor Feltus earned the Innovator of the Year award from Avaya.

Well done, Alex!

Experiential Spaces Learning at Clemson University


When the pandemic forced colleges and universities to transition to online courses, Professor Feltus at Clemson University, South Carolina, USA, combined data-intensive AI content from Praxis AI, LLC with Toolwire Spaces Learning on the Avaya Spaces platform to deliver his own digital content, converting a traditional face-to-face Bioinformatics course into an engaging, collaborative, digital course with hands-on data labs.

Learning is Intelligent Collaboration

Where will collaboration play in the near future? Best-selling author and inventor David James Clarke IV joins host Steve Forcum on the latest episode of The Experience podcast.

In this episode, David and Steve explore the role of collaboration in learning and share several examples of Praxis AI in action: Bioinformatics at Clemson University and Aseto’ne Virtual Institute in the Native American community.

Digital transformation is changing the way students and instructors interact with each other.

ISO DLS Toolkit


ISO’s Digital Learning Solution’s Toolkit is out! It’s a primer on digital transformation for Q2 of the 21st century.

The ISO digital learning solutions (DLS) Toolkit includes a unified collection of processes, tools and case studies for developing and implementing digital learning solutions at an organizational level. There are three versions of the ISO DLS Toolkit, customized to meet the different needs of beginners, explorers, and experts.

Praxis AI was instrumental in developing and delivering the ISO DLS Toolkit.

Praxis AI in Learning


Praxis AI was featured in video #2 of Avaya’s AI Pioneer Series! This series highlights individuals who are breaking the mold and using AI in new and innovative ways.

In this video, Laura Faughtenberry speaks with David James Clarke IV, the co-founder of Toolwire and advisor to Praxis AI about how AI can be used to augment learning. Together, they explore how Praxis in transforming education with AI, including assessment, curation, collaboration, and student engagement.

This is a great example of the transformative power of data + humans + machines.

Praxis + Toolwire + Avaya = Spaces Learning


To optimize virtual learning experiences, Praxis AI has partnered with Toolwire and Avaya to roll out the Spaces Learning platform. Together, each pioneer provides a critical component of the digital learning solution – three legs of the stool:

 – Praxis AI – digital content, lab materials, teaching, and students

 – Avaya – synchronous platform (SpacesTM) for virtual classroom, student interactions, and collaboration

 – Toolwire – a unified learning platform for delivery of labs, resources, assessments, and grades

Aseto’ne Virtual Institute 2021


AIHEC Aseto’ne 2.0 Health Research Institute Enrollment is Now Open!

The Aseto’ne Institute is an AIHEC-led online project designed specifically for TCU students to learn about vitally needed health research career opportunities. The curriculum is centered around health and biomedical research both in academia and as a profession.

The American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) delivers NSF- and NIH-funded programs to 37 Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) throughout the United States.

The Aseto’ne Virtual Institute is a health-oriented education and research program for TCU college students and faculty.

Best Practices for Transforming Your Online Courses


Given the priority of moving education online, we have the opportunity to reinvent the classroom into a hybrid, interactive, virtual learning experience. To empower this essential transformation, Praxis AI has built a 20-hour online experiential workshop for faculty and L&D professionals.

Get ready for some action-packed fun, because this is a BYOC event! Bring Your Own Course! By the end of the program, you will have a live online course ready for real students.

In this post, Alex Feltus and David Clarke share their Top 10 best practices for transforming traditional learning to engaging, virtual, online courses.

Future of Remote Learning – Top 10 Predictions


At the ASU REMOTE Connected Faculty Summit last year, Scott Galloway from NYU Stern School of Business delivered a captivating virtual keynote. His transparency and candor bordered on controversial, and yet, the whole experience was made worthwhile by his insightful wisdom.

Professor Galloway started with three powerful recommendations for any leader during a crisis:

  • Be Transparent
  • Over-communicate
  • Overcorrect

Then, he launched into his Top 10 Predictions for the future of remote learning (hold on to your hats).

Praxis AI at GITEX Global 2021


Praxis AI showcased several ground-breaking virtual learning experiences at the largest technology show of the year = GITEX Global in Dubai. Praxis AI was joined by Toolwire and Avaya in the main hall.

In this video, David Clarke is interviewed by David Dungay from Unified Communications Today. The two David’s explore the power of AI and science research in the transformation of healthcare, climate science, and learning.