Fusion of Biology and Data Science. Download the Coronavirus DNA and translate it into protein structures using Python in a data-intensive computing lab.

SuperLab Overview

The Coronavirus SuperLab journey begins with an Overview of the hands-on scenario and learning objectives. In this lab, you will download a coronavirus genome and write Python code that:

1. Extracts the coronavirus genes from the full genome file as DNA sequences

2. Transcribes the DNA sequences into RNA sequences

3. Translates the RNA sequences into protein sequences

SuperLab BioBytes

The Coronavirus SuperLab journey continues with three (3) BioBytes introducing the foundations of biology as it pertains to Data Science and Coronavirus.

These are useful biology facts that will help you in this lab. Remember that organisms can get more complex as you dig deeper into how they operate. Don’t be shy and ask questions from search engines and experts.

SuperLab CodeBytes

The Coronavirus SuperLab journey continues with five (5) CodeBytes covering the ins-and-outs of Python Programming and how coding can benefit biological case studies.

These are useful Python code pieces that will help you in this lab. Remember that programming is a language are there are many code paths to achieve the same goal so try out other solutions!

SuperLab Lab Guide

The Coronavirus SuperLab journey finishes with four (4) tasks pertaining to the translation and transcription of the Coronavirus DNA.

LAB A: Obtain the coronavirus genome sequence in two formats: FASTA and GENBANK.
LAB B: Cut out the all of the coronavirus gene subsequences from the full genome and save in a file.
LAB C: Transcribe all of the genes from DNA into RNA.
LAB D: Translate all of the genes from RNA into PROTEIN.

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