An Online Experiential Journey for K-12 & Higher Education Faculty to apply the principles of teaching online to design, build, and manage their own online courses.

Transforming Content for Engagement

Given the priority of moving education online, we have the opportunity to reinvent the classroom into a hybrid, interactive, accelerated learning experience. To empower this essential transformation, Praxis AI has built an online experiential workshop for faculty and learning and development (L&D) professionals to learn best practices for designing, building and managing online courses.

Principles and Best Practices

The Going Online journey begins with five lessons covering the principles and best practices of teaching online – including the difference between synchronous and asynchronous modalities and the power of online platforms.

• Role of the Online Teacher
• Best Practices for Teaching Online
• Synchronous vs. Asynchronous
• The Hybrid Classroom
• Online Learning Platforms and Tools

Design Your Course

The Going Online journey continues with a collection of online design tools and an interactive workshop for designing your online course. At the end of the learning path, you will have an online course design ready to build.

  • Re-Think Your Course Online
  • Design Your Online Content

Build Your Course

The Going Online journey continues with five lessons covering the five steps of building a virtual course – specifically building online resources, activities, and assessments. At the end of the learning path, you will have an online lesson ready to deliver online.

•  Step 1 – Choose Your Composer Lesson Template
•  Step 2 – Curate Resources
•  Step 3 – Build Activities
•  Step 4 – Convert Assessments
•  Step 5 – Test and Refine

Manage Your Classroom

The Going Online journey finishes with five lessons covering the process of delivering an online class – including enrolling students, managing a virtual classroom, and monitoring dashboards and grades. At the end of the learning path, you will have experience delivering an online class.

  • Enroll Your Learners
  • Virtual Classroom and Office Hours
  • Monitor and Mentor
  • Scoring and Feedback
  • Dashboards and Grading

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READ | Guides & Articles

DO | Hands-on Labs

SOCIAL | Collaboration with Peers and Mentors

REVIEW | Quizzes and Feedback